Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend a university in Florida to be eligible?
No, as long as Palm Beach County residency is maintained you may go to college anywhere you choose.
Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen in order to apply?
Yes, you must be a U.S. citizen for at least two years in order to qualify for our scholarship.
Do applications have to be received by March 1st to be accepted?
Applications must be filed online by midnight March 1st or they will be not be considered eligible.
If selected as a J.M. Rubin scholar, do I have to send an official transcript after the close of each semester?
Yes, it is your responsibility to have an official transcript sent to our office at the close of each semester.
Are the scholarships renewable?
Yes, if you are selected as a J.M. Rubin Scholar, your scholarship is renewable each year, subject to your good standing at your educational institution.
Will my scholarship be renewed at the same amount each year?
Generally yes; however, the amount of your scholarship may vary from year to year depending on our available funds, your cost and your need.
How do I apply for renewal?
You may apply for renewal by completing the renewal application section on our website which will be available around mid-March of each year.
Do you provide scholarships for graduate school?
No, we do not.  We currently only provide funding for undergraduate work. 
When will I know if I have been selected as a J.M. Rubin Scholar?
After the March 1st deadline, scholarship applications are reviewed, processed and selections are made in May.
Will I automatically be interviewed before being selected as a Scholar?
Interviews are at the discretion of the staff and Board of Trustees of the J.M. Rubin Foundation. Being called for an interview is not an indication of whether you have been selected.
If selected as a Scholar, can the funds be paid directly to me?

No, in accordance with our Internal Revenue Service approved program, all payments must be made through the educational institution.
Do I have to submit all pages of my parents tax returns or will the first two pages suffice?
All pages of your parents tax returns must be submitted or your application will be deemed incomplete. Please black out or remove the social security numbers from your tax return before submitting to our office.
How does residency affect my scholarship?
You must remain a Palm Beach County resident in order for your scholarship to be renewed. All the following can be used to establish Palm Beach County residency: Parent's Palm Beach County address, student's Florida driver's license, student's Palm Beach County Voter Registration Card, internship or summer employment in Palm Beach County